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IT solutions

We respond to the demands of companies in terms of connectivity, storage, workspaces and process automation through alliances with the most relevant technology companies. We build bridges to help companies on the path to digital transformation.


Our portfolio


Cloud Networking

  • Simple and unified management of all network components
  • Unification of management for IT and OT networks
  • Highly reliable, scalable, secure and easy to manage solution
  • Unprecedented visibility into what’s happening inside the network
  • Full integration and compatibility with other networks business networks

Business networks

On-prem solutions allow the deployment of SDN (Software Defined Network) networks and are centralized through a DNA Center platform, from where the entire wired and wireless LAN of companies is managed.


  • Centralized management On-prem or Cloud
  • Dynamic path selection based on link metrics
  • Link cost reduction
  • Improved performance and end user experience
  • Decentralization of functions


Network Performance Monitoring (NPM) solution

Through NPM we can obtain a general low-level context of the network infrastructure, in addition to simulating connections with applications and analyzing the login experience of users.

Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM) solution

It complements the work done with the NPM solution, providing end-to-end visibility for every application on any network.

Solution Application Resource Management (ARM)

It complements the work carried out by NPM and consists of data collection for the optimization of resources, both physical and logical, in the Data Center.

Application Performance Monitoring (APM) solution

It is aimed at improving the user experience and the performance of resources in the environment of the Apps.

Solution of correlated events

Thanks to this tool we can integrate in a single dashboard all the information from all the previous ones and those that the clients have, for a correlation of events.

Data Center Hybrid-Multicloud

Multicloud connectivity (SDN)

  • Streamline applications and data center automation
  • Enable scalable multicloud networks with a consistent policy model
  • Get the flexibility you need without compromising security or high availability

 Converged & Hyperconverged Systems

  • Simplified data management and rapid deployment
  • Continuous data optimization
  • Independent scalability between compute and storage
  • Dynamic data distribution

Data protection and operational continuity

  • Reduce times, costs and efforts in the Disaster Recovery (DR) strategy
  • Meet regulatory requirements
  • Retrieve information at any time


At BVS we work with versatile platforms for growth, encryption and management and access to data in the most efficient way, with state-of-the-art technology.

DevOps – AiOps

We use modern environments for the management of applications, oriented towards the provision of microservices, with bus concepts of integration and interoperability.

Data management

We are allies of our clients for the capture, storage and exploitation of data.

Security in multicloud environments

  • Application and connectivity security assessment services
  • Central administration of security policies
  • Application Protection Solutions
  • Connectivity security solutions
  • Vulnerability scan

Digital workspace

Smart Collaboration

Webex is part of the most complete Calling as a Service on the market. It includes features such as call recording, call queue, SNR (Single Number Reach), SSO (Single Sign On), among others.

Remote Expert

The Real Wear solution allows safe, simple and instant access from an oil rig or from a mine with any expert, regardless of their location.

Smart Home Office & Co-Working

We have video conference equipment for all types of meeting rooms (ampitheater or personal).

Contact center

We provide completely secure and omnichannel native cloud solutions, which give us the possibility to activate voice channels, social media, email, chat and bots.


An employee’s workplace is vital to maintaining productivity, reducing fatigue, and taking full advantage of the collaboration capabilities of notebooks.

Security in the digital workspace

We work on connectivity, access security and secure information management.


Industrial Remote Expert

We provide immediate support through industry experts with high-quality video and communications tools in integrated mobile conference environments, sharing documents and process data, allowing reduction in service time and operating costs.

IT-OT Consolidation

At BVS we understand that it is a crucial challenge of Industry 4.0 to guarantee at all times the exchange of data and information in a standardized manner between devices, machines, systems and services, both in IT and OT networks, maintaining cybersecurity in OT networks, without neglecting the availability, integrity and confidentiality of the data.

Industrial networks

Helps integrate wireless devices with IoT-connected devices in remote locations or industrial environments, transform operations by keeping environments separate and secure, and more.

Service Provider

At BVS we offer the best solutions at the MPLS, Segment Routing and Optical level for your service transport network, making it more flexible, simplifying and making it more convergent. In addition, we bring solutions with Docsis 3.1, Remote Phy and GPON for fixed access networks.

We enhance the deployment and capacity of our clients’ networks with orchestration and automation tools. And above all, we accompany companies with the most effective and important means of visibility on the market, which allow them to improve the performance of service networks and the quality of the user experience.

Our partners

We have strategic alliances with global technology leaders.

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