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Tailor-made solutions

Our experts work with each client to understand and help implement the most appropriate solutions. All our managed services are based on best practices, achieving the highest quality standards.

Our portfolio

At BVS, based on specific customer needs, we help plan the evolution of platforms through the design of architectures and complete programs of end-to-end implementations, maintaining quality of service.

Through our services, we seek to impact the business of our clients, accelerating the processes of adoption of new technologies.
In addition, we seek to enhance their growth, accompanying them in the expansion of their platforms and managing them, ensuring the quality of service through agile solutions with customized designs.

Managed Services

At BVS we provide a wide range of Managed Services 24×7 through our professional teams. These services are oriented towards monitoring and security management (SOC), IT/Networking platforms (NOC) and video platforms (MOC).
Our clients delegate the daily tasks of operating the technological infrastructure to us, focusing on strategic aspects of the business, while at BVS we focus on the operational continuity of the platforms.


We have a team of specialists focused on analysis, recommendations, design of update plans, risk and vulnerability analysis, technological redesign and compliance with current market regulations.

Support and maintenance

Our BCare corrective and preventive support service is responsible for maintaining the quality assurance ecosystem, in order to protect companies 24×7 against failures that may affect the normal performance of operations.
In addition, BCare has options that enable it as a proactive service, through which the state of network availability is monitored, thus being able to reduce incident resolution times.
At the same time, our Customer Success Management philosophy keeps critical network lifecycle reports and analyzes current.


We propose a different form of supply in which, by contracting a service (OPEX), we equip our clients and manage a technological solution that covers operational needs.
By paying monthly installments, the problem of investing large sums of money when making the direct purchase of technology goods is avoided, making intelligent and responsible use of capital.

Technological evolution

We accompany our clients to identify new capacities and functions through the correct use of technology.
Our forms of implementation can include these methodologies that make the most of the functionalities of the different architectures in which the business is supported, without losing sight of the entire infrastructure life cycle.


We offer a unique proposal that consists of making available enriched technical personnel at the facilities of our clients.
Outsourcing contemplates the constant training of personnel to maintain a high standard of quality of service.

Our Partners

We have strategic alliances with global technology leaders.

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