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BVS, the technological ally that drives the evolution of your business

Diseñamos soluciones que integran conocimiento y tecnología para transformar procesos de negocio.

What represents us

Technological excellence

Partnerships with world leaders in infrastructure and technology services.

DNA engineer

More than 50% of our staff are engineers with a high level of certification.

More than 20 years of experience

Technological integration projects for various types of companies.

Regional scope

We are present in Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, Spain, United States and Uruguay.


We develop continuous growth in our operations.

Our history

BVS was born more than 20 years ago in Argentina and today also operates in Chile, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru and Uruguay and USA.

In its beginnings it was a Media company, and with the passage of time it was acquiring other services and solutions, thanks to alliances with the most significant partners in the market. Today, at BVS we provide services and solutions in Media, IT, Cybersecurity, Smart Home and Customized Solutions, establishing schemes for each client according to their needs.

In addition, we are more than 300 professionals who, through our engineering DNA, day by day offer quality services, earning the trust of our customers together with our partners.

BVS in numbers


Strategic alliances


Years of experience








Institutional BVS

In BVS we design scenarios that challenge the established and that create new possibilities to enhance the development of companies.
We are the technological ally that drives the evolution of our customers’ business.

Learn a little more about us in the following video.

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