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We have leading solutions in the security market, which allow us to cover the different levels of our clients’ IT and OT environments and provide advice on the new threats that are affecting the world in terms of information protection. Our professionals have a high level of knowledge and experience in information security.

Our portfolio

At BVS we provide customized solutions to detect, analyze, correct and respond to
possible threats that affect the integrity of companies. Our services are structured in 3 axes:

Security platforms

We help you know how to apply a cybersecurity strategy:

  • Access
  • Endpoint
  • Network
  • Data
  • Web App
  • Cloud

Professional Engineering Services

Our solutions include:

  • Evaluation of architectures and configurations
  • Vulnerability assessment
  • Security Controls Assessment
  • Technical and executive deliverables based on manufacturers’ standards and best practices
  • NIST-based security methodology

Advanced Cybersecurity Services

Our advanced knowledge on Cybersecurity is deployed through:

  • An information and analysis center (detection)
  • A Response and Incident Center (response and recovery)
  • An Intelligence Center (identification)
  • An administrative management center (protection)

Our cybersecurity services

We have SOC, NOC and MOC services for each type of client, guaranteeing the monitoring of cybersecurity tools proactively, 24×7, 365 days a year.

Applying a cybersecurity strategy to...

Detect asset and customer threats

Proactively manage

Identify gaps

Provide early response to incidents

Enable operational continuity

Our Partners

We have strategic alliances with global technology leaders.

Take your company to the next level